Ultrasound cavitation faq's


Ultrasound Cavitation


What is Ultrasound Cavitation?

Ultrasound Cavitation body shaping is a non-invasive treatment. Using low level ultrasonic waves, which consist of compression and expansion. The compression and expansion cycles travel at high speed that causes many micro-bubbles which gradually enlarge. These micro bubbles expand and contract shock waves to the fat cells which can no longer endure the pressure and explodes. The fat explodes into liquid that is easily removed from the body via the lymphatic and urinary systems.

Can I lose weight with Ultrasound Cavitation?
Ultrasonic Cavitation is not a method of weight loss. It is designed to reshape and sculpt the body and remove localised stubborn fat or cellulite. Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments work best when combined with a low fat and low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise and these will help you to lose weight.

How many treatments can I have?
We recommend you have a course of 6 and a maximum of 12 treatments before having a break of 4 weeks to allow your body to recover. You should allow 72 hours between treatments.

How soon can I see a result of cavitation?
Most patients will have a noticeable reduction in their measurements after the very first treatment. The average is a 2 inch loss after 3 treatments. The process of fat removal continues for up to 7 days after each treatment so it isn’t unusual to see a further decrease a day or two after your initial treatment.

Is the fat reduction permanent?
Yes, the fat cells are fractured, broken down and the cells are drained away through the lymphatic system.

How long is a treatment?
The service is tailored to the individual but generally including consultation and measurement, you can expect to be with us between 15-45 minutes.

How long should I wait after childbirth to have cavitation treatments?
You must wait a minimum of 3 months after normal birth of your baby or a minimum of 6 months after C section. It is best to get GP approval post childbirth prior to commencing Ultrasonic Cavitation.

Do I have to rest afterwards?
No, the great thing about this treatment is that you can go about your day as normal. We strongly advise you to increase your water intake to at least 2 litres a day to help with the fat removal. 

What would happen if I had cavitation during my period?
Ultrasound increases blood flow and you would feel uncomfortable.

Is cavitation safe if a woman has a fitted contraception coil?
Yes this is not a contraindication.

Please check with your GP if you have any of the following, before booking your treatment:

Liver Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Poor Blood Circulation, Hyperlipidemia, Pregnancy or Breastfeeding, Pacemaker or Metal Implants, Skin Inflammation/Wounds in the treatment area, Face/Neck/Ankle/lymph nodes and joints conditions, Vascular Veins, Cancer

Is there an age limit?
Yes, it is company policy to not provide this service to anyone under the age of 18.

Can I have more than one area treated if I pay?
Following the treatment, the body has to work to remove the excess fat that is now passing through the lymphatic system to the liver. For this reason, treating multiple areas is not advisable and may not be effective.

What if I don’t see results straight away?
It is important to remember that everyone is different and your body will work according to your unique metabolism. You will see reduction during a course of treatments which is why we recommend a course of 6 or more to get great results.

What can I do at home to help with treatments?
Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol after your service. Try and increase your heart rate by taking some exercise for the best results, and avoid too many carbohydrates.

Will people know that I’ve had a Ultrasound Cavitation treatment?
The treatment is non-invasive so there are no scars and you won’t have to take time off work to recover. We are fully committed to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.