What is Genie Lymphatic Drainage?

The Genie Lymphatic Drainage system has been specifically designed to increase lymphatic flow of the body. It operates by exercising control over the muscles which stimulate the flow of lymph fluid. It has been preset to treat seven specific different conditions.

What to expect
The practitioner will apply disposable pads to you and connect the system to the pads. 


Main Uses:

For obese clients who are on a diet, to assist the elimination of fat

Post illness to help cleanse the body

To improve general well-being and help eliminate day to day toxins


Main Uses:

To stimulate cell regeneration

Creates re-nourishment of cells

Improve metabolic rate

Helps reduce stress and combat fatigue


Main Uses:

Stimulate dieresis

Assists in the removal of toxin

This is a popular module used in conjunction with a slimming module in SLIMTONE or with ULTRASOUND CAVITATION


Main Uses:

Gentle toning of the muscles

Increase in metabolism

Good for post operative treatment and for improving general condition of the elderly

This program is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a TONING program in the SLIMTONE module


Main Uses:

Reduces cellulite on any part of the body, including the hip and thigh area 

Remove toxins

This program is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a CELLULITE program in the SLIMTONE or with ULRASOUND CAVITATION & RADIO FREQUENCY SKIN TIGHTENING


Main Uses:

Hayfever, Sinus problems and snoring


Main Uses:

Dark Circles under the eyes

Acne and congested Skin.

Deep Cleanse

Lymphatic Drainage benefits:

It can speed up the removal of toxins from the body

Used to lose weight in conjunction with a slimming, toning or cellulite treatment, exercise session or toning   table and assist when a diet is being followed

Helps bad circulation at superficial level, which leads to a dry appearance of the skin, atrophy of subcutaneous tissues, and wrinkles

Help with the healing of scar tissue because of its regenerative actions.

Lymphatic stagnancy in the legs (infiltrations, oedemas, and cellulite)

Reduction of bags under the eyes and dark circles

Great to use after illness

Helps congestion / Acne / eczema

Stimulates cell regeneration/Re-nourish cells

Helps reduce stress & fatigue

Reshapes the figure by giving even distribution of body fluids

Is it painful?
No. Electrical current activates the lymphatic system. You may feel a slight tingling sensation in areas where lymph is being released.

Can Anybody Use It?

A consultation will need to be done as there are some contraindications. Some may need GP consent before going ahead with the treatments

Please consult you GP before booking your treatment if you have any of the following:

Heart Condition, Epilespy, Pregnancy, Pace Maker, Multiple Sclerosis, Tumours, Cancer, Cerebral/Neuro-vascular problems, Thrombosis, Analgesics, Contraceptive Coil/Metal IUD, Allergies to metal or rubber, Anti Depressants, Muscular Conditions, Lack of normal sensation, Over or Under active Thyroid, Recent Operations, Retin A/ Roacutune, Hepatitis A,B,C, Steroid medication, Diabetes

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different in what they require. This can be discussed in your consultation. Generally if you are active 2-4 sessions a month, at least 4 times a year.

Your appointment time will vary depending on your consultation, photos and padding, so please allow between 20-45 minutes when scheduling your appointment.

Post Treatment Advice

Drink plenty of water

Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle