Saddlebags are located on the outer thigh areas where pockets of fat have devolved. They can feel hard and fibrous or soft.

The development of subcutaneous fat (fat that lies just beneath the skin) and the thickness of your skin can make the appearance worst. Women are more likely to have saddlebags than men.

Genetic disposition is often the main factor of saddlebags, but can also become more prominent during pregnancy as your body increases its maternal fat stores. The bad news is Saddlebags are often extremely resistant to exercise.

Factors to consider

Many women tend to gain fat around the buttocks and thigh areas. Saddlebags can be more prominent especially with women who are more ‘pear-shaped’. The main cause is down to female hormones and genetics. If your close female relatives have saddlebags, it’s most likely you will too. Saddlebags can start to develop as early as your teenage years, where hormones are increased.

It is important to follow a healthy diet avoiding high carbohydrates, sugars, and salt. It is also a good idea to watch your calorie intake, as the fat-storing enzymes will store extra calories in the hip and thigh area. 

Water retention can play a big factor in your body, which can appear larger than it is, especially around the thigh area. Dehydration is a major factor in the body storing excess water.

Treatments to Target Saddle Bags

We offer three different treatments to improve Saddle Bags. Depending on your concerns you may require a combination of these treatments to achieve the best results. 

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

During your skin tightening treatment, your tissues are heated up to 40-45°C. The heat causes old collagen and elastin fibres to break down. As the old proteins break down, this signals the body to start producing new, healthy collagen and elastin fibres in the treatment area. When new collagen has been stimulated the dermis becomes thicker and the skin naturally tightens. The results are healthier and firmer skin

Ultrasound Cavitation

Fat cells are disrupted as the ultrasonic waves cause a vibration deep in the tissues that cause the fat cells to disburse. This, in turn, causes a reduction in the overall area. Ultrasound Cavitations breaks down and shrinks fat cells in the Saddle Bag area.

Pressotherapy Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment

Pressotherapy is a medical and beauty treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system by using air pressure on different parts of the body. By alternating between compression and decompression, it effectively stimulates the lymphatic system.  It is a very effective treatment to use alongside any fat reducing treatment to encourage dead fat cells to be eliminated from the body using your natural waste disposal system. (The Lymphatic System) This treatment is excellent for increasing circulation, therefore assisting the elimination of excess water retention.


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